In ancient times, traders would travel by land from Europe to China and back. Travelers were hosted by friendly hosts in so called caravanserais. These stops along the Silk Road provided support for travelers (and their animals). A comfortable bed, fresh food, information and equipment. We want to bring these nostalgic caravanserais back to life.

Along the Silk Road we have selected freeride stops to replenish yourself, meet friends, find information and buy/repair/rent equipment. These places are your one stop freeride caravanserais to start your skiing adventures. We support all these local caravanserais with knowledge, information, equipment and organization skills. You can expect the following facilities: Local maps, Accommodation services, Cannister refill, Freeride ski rent, Guiding services, Fresh coffee, Weather reports and Stokeness.

Below you can find all the caravanserais on the Silk Road.