Jyrgalan Kyrgyzstan


The location of the Kyrgyzstan stop is Jyrgalan, in the very east of the country. The trainings will be held in the ski resort of Karakol, 60km further west. It’s a very mountainous terrain with an abundance of snow fall. The massive Lake Issyk Kul creates a micro climate which is unique to Central Asia. The majestic lake doesn’t freeze in winter because it is fed by underwater hot springs. This phenomenon is causing an increase in precipitation in the eastern part of Kyrgyzstan. That’s exactly where you will be going. The snowy valleys of the Eastern Issyk Kul region.


The dates are fixed for 18-21 January 2024. The first two days we will organize training and avalanche courses. This will be done in the ski resort of Karakol on the 18th and 19th of January. The evening program is hosted in the Ryce Travel office on Zhamansariev street in the city center of Karakol. Please check the full program here.


The Silk Road Freeride competition is open for all freeriders along the Silk Road. These are the people we are supporting during our events. But to keep the spirit of the Silk Road alive, registration to the event is open for a limited group of international freeriders as well. We love to exchange knowledge, ideas and equipment. So you can book a tour to one of the Silk Road Freeride competition here.

Cost of Participation

Four Day Competition Package

Cost of entry: 350$

Includes: 2 training days at Karakol Ski Base, Lift passes, competition admission, access to prizes, event food, transfers (between Karakol, Skibase, Jyrgalan)

Two Days Competition

Cost of entry: 100$

Includes: admission to the competition, access to prizes



1 Vadim Karaulʹnyh (Kyrgyzstan)
2 Timor Gubaev (Kyrgyzstan)
3 Vasiliy Nemchenco (Kyrgyzstan)


1 Cody Scheff (Canada)
2 Patlay Evgenii (Kyrgyzstan)
3 Chyngyz Namazaliev (Kyrgyzstan)


1 Roxy (France)
2 Kristina Melnikova (Kyrgyzstan)
3 Jana Šejko (Kyrgyzstan)


1 April Bright (Australia)
2 Ksenija Moskalʹčenko (Kyrgyzstan)




1 Timur Gubaev (Kyrgyzstan)
2 Aleksey Balybyn (Kyrgyzstan)
3 Vasily Nemshenko (Kyrgyzstan)

MEN (intermediate)

1 Vasily Bhazninov (Kyrgyzstan)
2 Michael Kuzmin (Kyrgyzstan)
3 Timur Jumabekov (Kyrgyzstan)


1 Lidia Zvoznikova (Kyrgyzstan)
2 Yuliya Polyakova (Kazakhstan)
3 Nataliya Kozyreva (Kazakhstan)


The first two training days will be held in the ski resort of Karakol. The resort is situated at an altitude of 2300 meters and the top lift ascents till 3100 meters. From the panorama lift we will hike a little bit further up to reach the northeastern powder field. This will be the training venue. The ski resort has 3 chairlifts and we will arrange lunch at Hotel Kapriz, just down at the beginners slope.


On Wednesday we will move to the former mining village of Jyrgalan. The village is situated at 2200 meters and it’s one of the snowiest valleys of Central Asia. We will take all the participants up by snow cat and snow mobiles. To the finish line of the competition venue. We will do our best to have at least one test run before the qualifaction run. You will either sleep in yurts or in a local guesthouse to prepare for the final competition day on Thursday.

Transfers / Lodging

We can help you with accommodation and transfers. International freeriders can book our Silk Road Freeride package. Locals can contact us for accommodation or transfers from Bishkek or Almaty. There will be buses driving up and down to the ski resort of Karakol. And there will be buses shutteling between Karakol and Jyrgalan on Wednesday and Thursday.