Freeriding in China: Exploring Yabuli, Wanlong, and Changbaishan

China, a country known for its rich cultural heritage and diverse landscapes, has been rapidly emerging as an international winter sports destination, with several ski resorts offering freeriding opportunities. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at freeriding in China, focusing on three renowned resorts: Yabuli, Wanlong, and Changbaishan.

Yabuli: The Ski Capital of China

Yabuli, situated in the Heilongjiang Province, stands as China’s largest and oldest ski resort. With elevations ranging from 400 to 1,374 meters above sea level, this resort offers a wide variety of terrain for freeriders to explore.

Yabuli typically enjoys an average snowfall of around 80 cm during the winter season, creating opportunities for off-piste adventures. Freeriders can traverse diverse landscapes, including tree runs and open bowls, while experiencing the thrill of untouched powder. The resort’s elevation and extensive trail network make it a popular choice for freeriders in China.

Wanlong: A Hidden Freeriding Gem

Wanlong, located in China’s Hebei Province, has gained recognition as a hidden freeriding gem. The resort’s elevations range from 1,700 to 2,317 meters above sea level, providing impressive views and an array of freeriding options.

With an average snowfall of approximately 90 cm during the winter season, Wanlong offers ample off-piste possibilities. Freeriders can explore challenging terrain and open powder fields. The resort’s pristine slopes and high-altitude adventures make it a favorable destination for those seeking untracked backcountry experiences.

Changbaishan: A Winter Wonderland

Changbaishan, nestled in the Jilin Province, is unique among China’s freeriding destinations. The resort features elevations ranging from 1,150 to 2,189 meters above sea level and offers captivating landscapes and freeriding terrain.

Changbaishan consistently experiences snowfall, with an average snow depth of around 70 cm during the winter season. Freeriders can access untouched powder and tackle challenging lines, providing a diverse range of experiences. The resort’s elevation and breathtaking vistas of Changbai Mountain create a mesmerizing backdrop for off-piste adventures.


While China may not have been historically recognized as a freeriding hub, resorts like Yabuli, Wanlong, and Changbaishan are changing that perception. With reliable snow conditions, a variety of terrain options, and the opportunity to immerse oneself in China’s culture, these resorts are gaining traction among freeriders looking for new and exciting winter sports experiences.

If you’re a freerider seeking unique adventures with diverse terrain and a taste of Chinese culture, consider adding China’s Yabuli, Wanlong, and Changbaishan to your list. These resorts promise not only thrilling freeriding opportunities but also a chance to explore the beauty and wonder of this vast and diverse country.